ShimmerCat uses Let’s Enhance to leverage intelligent image upscaling

May 31, 2019

78% of images uploaded to the Internet are low quality. For e-commerce low quality product images can negatively affect customer purchase decisions, cause product returns and decrease satisfaction. To avoid this ShimmerCat uses Let’s enhance to automatically optimize and upscale images.

ShimmerCat and Let’s Enhance are two internationally recognized European tech startups in the field of AI. While Let’s Enhance leverages AI technology and neural networks to automatically improve the quality, resolution and size of images, ShimmerCat leverages the same tools to automatically optimise website performance for e-commerce. And since images are an important part of any modern e-commerce, the benefits of combining the unique technologies are clear.

  • "Images are a key part of any website, and optimising images is vital if you want to create a good user experience. Being able to enhance low-quality images and resize them for specific devices can therefore create better performance and improve user experience. At the end it will lead to increased conversion" - says Ludvig Bohlin, founder of ShimmerCat.

How Let’s Enhance works

When Let’s Enhance receives an image, their service uses a neural network to upscale images, removing image artifacts and inferring missing details into the upscale image to make it look natural. An example of the upscaling can be seen in the image of a cat below, notice the difference in quality between the original 600x800 pixel image and the upscaled 2400x3200 pixel image!


But Let’s Enhance do not only improve image quality in terms of a number of pixels, it can also be used to enhance colour and tone, see for example the noticeable improvements in colours in the image below.


Images are vital in e-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce websites, product images are vital for the user experience. And a high-quality image is often the decisive factor behind a purchase decision. Because of the importance of images, ShimmerCat leverages Let’s Enhance to optimize and upscale product images - without any effort from e-commerce.

  • "As an e-commerce, it can be challenging to find time to optimize and resize product images to fit different formats and devices. With ShimmerCat and Let’s Enhance it can be done intelligently - and it is all done automatically" - Bohlin concludes.

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